February, 2012:

Peruvian ambassador visits Colon Free Zone

Peruvian Ambassador Guillermo Russo Checa and the Chairman of the Peruvian Committee on Commerce and Tourism, Luciana Leon Romero, visited the Colon Free Zone to learn more about the commercial movements in the area.

Both were welcomed by Free Zone administrator, Leopoldo Benedetti.

The president of the Tourism Committee, Romero, said the visit is to learn more about the trading in the zone and thus implement this methodology in Peru.

“We have ports that are […]

Occupancy at Callao “less than ideal”

According to the report of the Peruvian National Port Authority (APN), 3,805 ships were attended at the terminal in 2011.

This meant that the port had an 87.5% capacity on the piers which was considered a less than ideal occupation, according to a report of the APN.

The only one of the eight piers of the port terminal that reached more than 70% occupancy, which was identified as satisfactory, was the South Pier operated by […]


By Juan Rafael Cortes Dean

The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) is committed to improving national competitiveness and the logistics sector is a priority area for the country, said Ruben Berrocal, the director of this entity, He was speaking at the presentation of this year’s version of Expologistica, in which the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) and SENACYT collaborate in an exemplary public-private partnership supported by […]


Por: José Díaz

A Logistics Council will in future meet every two months to discuss progress and future developments in creating a Panama logistics hub ahead of the completion of Panama Canal expansion in 2014.

For now, members of this Council are the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI), the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT), the Secretariat of the Metro, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), The Ministry […]

BIMCO foresees tough times for maritime business in 2012

The recently released report by the international maritime organization BIMCO called “Reflections 2012” examines critical issues facing the industry today and that will remain during the coming year.

The concise but provocative report considers the challenges facing one of the most important industries in the globalized world and its major sectors. It emphasizes the need for global regulations and calling for pragmatic strategies in relation to environmental regulation.

With regard to the human factors, it […]

More tourists visit Colon Free Zone

A total of 143.669 tourists visited the Colon Free Zone in 2011.

The countries with the largest number of visitors to the Free Zone were Colombia with 36,545 visitors, followed by Venezuela with 29,350; Ecuador, 15,778; Costa Rica, 12,634; Nicaragua, 6,484; Honduras, 4,079; Haiti, 3,786 and the United States with 3,131 tourists.

Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic had more than 2,000 visitors between them.

The business growth of the Free Zone […]

Descendant of Colon visits Colon Free Zone

Cristobal Colon de Carvajal, a Spanish Duke, visited the Administration of the Colon Free Zone where he was welcomed by the Administrator, Leopoldo Benedetti.

He is the fourth descendant in line of Christopher Columbus, and he was making a tour of housing projects and tourism through the Castilla de Oro Foundation. This project is to help each person according to their environmental development.

The Duke of Carvajal has viewed the central provinces of Panama that […]