March 3rd, 2012:

Chilean government to announce Customs modernization

The Chilean Minister of Economy, Paul Longueira, has announced the “Modernization of the Customs Institution.”

This came after a total of 16 meetings which took place between October 5 and November 4, 2011 and in which documents and proposals were received concerning the six measures of Foreign Trade.

According to the Final Report of the working group with the unions, four meetings were held by the “24 +27 Desk on Customs issues.”

The conclusion reached […]

Week in Review


The director of the National Customs Authority, Gloria Moreno de Lopez, announced that they discovered two Spanish colonial era canons stolen from Fort San Lorenzo in the province of Colon. Lopez Moreno said that the guns were in a container, owned by a corporation, and which was bound for Korea.


A fuel free zone capable of storing two million barrels of oil on Isla Melones, was approved by the Cabinet. […]