Latin America will need more aircraft

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Due to high economic growth in Latin America, the continent will need up to 2,500 new commercial aircraft over the next 20 years.

This forecast has been made by the aircraft construction sector, which estimates that Latin American Airlines will need more planes to cover increased demand from other sectors of the economy, and they will also need to increase flights to different parts of the region on regular schedules.

The aeronautical industry giants such as Boeing and Airbus are planning for the next two decades and believe sales could exceed $200 billion.

The US manufacturer, Boeing, and the Airbus group, controlled by EADS, are competing closely in the global market for commercial aircraft, reaching sales of nearly $100 billion annually.

Boeing estimates that Latin America will need about 2,500 aircraft over the next 20 years, which would involve investments of some $250 billion.

Van Rex Gallard, vice president of sales for Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean for Boeing, said the purchases will meet the growth of the region and replace the existing fleet. “Latin America in the next 20 years will need 2,500 new aircraft, that includes replacement and growth of the region,” he said.

In the next 20 years Latin America will need 2,500 new aircraft.

In the next 20 years Latin America will need 2,500 new aircraft.

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