Brazil’s Itaqui port plans $3.2 billion upgrade

To improve operational infrastructure

Aerial view of port of Itaquí

Aerial view of port of Itaquí.

Northeastern Brazil’s Itaqui port in Maranhão state is planning to spend $3.2 billion to overhaul its operational infrastructure, according to the port’s Director of Planning and Development, Daniel Vinent.

The targets and rounded costs include refurbishing existing berths, building 16 new ones (This includes constructing a pier for cellulose, pellets and general cargo.), and dredging, $1.3 billion on grain and container terminals and warehouses, $1 billion on development and support $740 million on developing ancillary industries and services and in infrastructure, $177million.

Vinent has also said the expansion timeline will be over the next 20 years, and will increase cargo handling more than ten times going from 150Mt/y from the current 14Mt/y. In Phase II, expected in 2019, plans include building a bulk grain terminal.

Itaqui currently has six berths, and handles products such as petroleum, aluminum, cast iron, soy, general cargo and containers.

In an aside to the Tegram terminal, it will contain 6 km (3.7 miles) of railway track. This is an extension of the Vale railway project, which is being built by Vale, the Brazilian mining company. Vale is expanding its north-south railway transport system for the sum of $24.6 million.

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