Nicaragua dredges San Juan River near Costa Rica

By Juan Rafael Cortés Dean

San Juan River, Nicaragua near Costa RicaThe Government of Nicaragua has sent a huge dredge named the Doña Laura to remove sediment in the San Juan River, a task that began in 2011 under the control of Eden Pastora Gomez, former “Commander Zero.”

The San Juan River forms part of the Nicaraguan plan to build an interoceanic canal.

Last week the dredge was just 100 meters from the Nicaraguan military base on the border with Costa Rica, known as the San Juan Delta, facing the Costa Rican town of Sarapiqui, Province of Heredia.

San Juan River dredging causes controversy between Nicas and Ticos

San Juan River dredging causes controversy between Nicas and Ticos.

The dredge is one of four operating very close to the source of the Colorado River, which is in Costa Rica and through which the vast majority of the water drains into the San Juan, said a report.

President Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica, said this took her by surprise. “They have the right to use their dredges as they want, but they obviously still send a signal to trigger conflict,” she said.

“I cannot imagine why they baptized the machinery with the names of the authorities of Costa Rica”.

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