Puerto Central moves containers to Chile

San Antonio, Chile, has again made national and Latin American port news. This time it is because the company Puerto Central, one of the operators in San Antonio, finally began to function.
It marks a milestone in the history of San Antonio, and Puerto Central is now consolidated in the port market on this side of the planet.
“With the start of operations, the port of San Antonio has become the most important of Chile in the movement of containers,” said Rodrigo Olea, CEO of Puerto Central.
“This also marks the return of containers”. Olea also added that they have a dock ready to meet the needs of the shipping companies.
This time, Puerto Central gained the French shipping company CMA CGM as a client, the third largest container operator worldwide, according to the statement by Olea.
The commissioning of the new terminal obviously generate some impacts, both within and outside of the port, a fact that Olea said can also be seen as creating opportunities.
“What can happen is that the people who live here have more work because there will be more and more shifts in logistics activity. “Parallel to this there are road improvements on the southern approach to the harbor, so the impact of the trucks in the city is declining,” said the Puerto Central CEO.
He further indicated that the port of San Antonio is in the ranking of the top ten ports in Latin America and with the launch of its new operations position is even more valued.
“This is very good news for San Antonio, for the country and for Puerto Central,” Olea said. The executive explained that containers with fruit, mainly bananas, ceramics and cardboard, among other goods, will move through the port terminal.
In May 2011, Puerto de Lirquén S.A., won the 20-year concession of the Costanera-Jetty of San Antonio, in an act conducted by the Port San Antonio (EPSA). In July 2011, Puerto Central SA, was organized as a corporation in order to build, develop, maintain, repair and operate the Costanera-Jetty of San Antonio. In August 2011 it signed the concession contract and began operations in November 2011. In 2012, an ambitious investment plan was announced, which includes, among other things, the construction of a new berth of 700 meters.

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