Work to start on Puerto Cortes Container Terminal in October

No later than October this year the construction and equipping will begin on the container terminal in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, executives of the Philippine company International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) have stated.
“We look forward to results shortly, according to the schedule of activities of operation and construction of what has to be done to improve infrastructure from October this year,” said Juan Carlos Garrido, director of Business Development for the Americas of ICTSI.
The executive exemplified the company’s operations by the work performed in the port of Guayaquil, Ecuador, where improvement in throughput and service has taken place over five years.
Confirmation of the start of construction was made after a meeting with the authorities of the Commission for the Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships (COALIANZA) and ICTSI executives, the company that won the tender, with entrepreneurs who will develop the social structure by the bidding process awarded to bring benefits to Honduras.
Last week, ICTSI won the bidding for the container terminal “A” by offering an investment of $624.3 million for ten years for infrastructure, equipment and maintenance of the terminal. The winning proposal includes a royalty for movement of TEUs (20 feet container equivalents) of $19.50.
Jose Antonio Pineda, COALIANZA commissioner, said after the award that there are 60 calendar days to sign the contract. “This does not mean that we will wait until the end of those 60 days. We will lead the firm along and meet all the requirements to sign as soon as possible, and then it has a period of 180 calendar days to set into operation the works in Puerto Cortes, so this work should begin later this year,” he said.
The loser of the bidding consortium, Grupo Maritima TCB-Bolloré Africa, asked for a review of the process won by ICTSI arguing that the costs included software in the offer.
The executive explained that the software investment is in addition to the total supply and will take place later. “We will always make this investment, but it is not part of the value of the offer,” he said.
Commissioner Pineda said the review is being conducted that was asked for by Bolloré and they will duly answer concerns. “They (the losing consortium) are clear on who won and who made the best offer according to the bidding rules, which clearly state that the winner is the biggest offer

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