The British conquest

Panama seen as key to Latin American sales

The British presence in Panama took an important step forward recently when the British Embassy and British Chamber of Commerce held a conference discussing Panama as a market and as a springboard for all of Latin America for British retail businesses. A delegation representing British brands and companies came to Panama for the event. Among them were People 1st, Clive Christian, Backes & Strauss, British American Tobacco and Ted Baker. About 160 people attended this first conference, which was enlivened by panels and presentations. The event will be held annually.

British Conference in Panama

Panama’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Jose Pacheco, and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Panama, Michael John Holloway OBE.

According to Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Panama, Michael John Holloway, OBE, “Panama is a growing international shopping destination.” The motivation behind the conference is to encourage more British brands to come to Panama. He declared: “ the opportunity has never been better. Panama is the place to be. Panama is the stepping stone to Latin America – a vast and increasingly prosperous market.”

The first panel, composed of Turik Issa, director of Spartan Latin America; Ramon Roux, Director General of CBRE Panama and Daniel Bettsack, President of Multitek Pacifico had a lively discussion regarding shopping in Panama. They all agreed on Panama gaining importance and becoming more attractive for foreign companies in recent years.

The second panel, with Surse Pierpoint, General Manager of Colon Import and Export; Christian Rinkel, Financial Director of Panama Pacifico; William Bullard, Corporate Relations Director of LAC Diageo and Juan Luis Correa, VP of Corporate Affairs of Grupo Wisa discussed Panama as a retail gateway for Latin America.

Presentations were made by Vartkess Knadijan, CEO of Backes and Strauss; Brian Wisdom, Chief Executive Officer of People 1st; Victoria Christian, Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson of Clive Christian and Guy Salter, Deputy Charimain of Walpole.

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