Route of the Nicaraguan Grand Canal announced

Wang Jing, the president of HKND has said that although a feasibility study is still ongoing, “the framework” of the Nicaraguan canal project is already defined.

“There will be small changes, but no major changes,” said the businessman when specifying the path from Hound Sound Bar (South od Venado Island in the Bay of Bluefields) – Rio Escondido – Rio Rama – Rio Oyate – Lake Nicaragua – Rio Las Lajas – Rio Brito.

Nicataguan Canal reports: “This route is the most convenient because it requires less investment cost and a smaller volume of soil excavation. In addition, the geological characteristics of the area facilitate this activity. The topography of the land where it is located is relatively flat with an upward slope of 2% in the first 54 km from its base on the Atlantic coast”.

“I am 100% sure that construction will begin in December 2014 and will end in five years in 2019,” said Jing, adding that “it is very clear to us that Lake Nicaragua is the mother lake of the country, a symbol like the Yellow River is to China. So the protection of this lake is the center of our feasibility report.”

The businessman explained that the money for the study of the canal is secured with funds from China, Europe and the US. “Our investors are large banks and other large institutions. The investors are first class,” he stressed.

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