Evergreen wins ship environmental award

The Evergreen shipping line won the Lloyds award for the friendliest environmental shipping company for 2013 in an international recognition of the research and analysis of the maritime industry.

The Taiwanese company has ships with features such as double hulls, confined areas for fuel tanks to reduce the risk of leaks, water treatment plants to reduce the transfer of marine organisms and energy systems that help decrease emissions in ports.

The Ever Superb

The Ever Superb was named ship of the year.

The “Ever Superb” is the fifth containership of the company’s S Series and was named Ship of the Year in 2006. In 2010 and 2011, Evergreen ordered 30 L-type container ships to provide environmentally friendly services.

Equipped with all the environmental characteristics of the S -class ships , the L-type vessels also have an optimized hull design for improved energy utilization and reduced CO2 emissions 15% lower compared to their predecessors, the S-type.

Evergreen ranks fourth among the world’s major shipping lines, with a share of 4.6 % in the market and a capacity of 816,735 TEUs (20-foot containers). It has a fleet of 201 vessels, of which 101 are owned and 100 are leased, and it is waiting to receive 25 containerships that will mobilize 260,383 TEUs.

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