First tender for the fourth bridge over the Canal

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) began the process to contract a company to manage and supervise the construction of the Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal. It is a tender for $22.2 million for the hiring of a company “to ensure the proper achievement of the project objectives in terms of design, construction and development,” as stated in the invitation to bid documents

This mega project contemplates the construction of roads of massive transport to give access to the future Panama Metro Line 3 and the rest of the public transport system, which will allow the development of Panama West province.

Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal

Currently more than 80,000 vehicles travel daily from that area to the capital city and the two existing bridges, the Bridge of the Americas and Centennial Bridge, cannot cope with the volume of traffic. It is expected that once the new bridge is in operation the traveling time will be cut significantly.

The Fourth Bridge over the Canal will be built north of the Bridge of the Americas, connecting at one extreme with the North Corridor and the Metro Station in Albrook, and at the other with the Arraijan highway, which will be expanded to eight lanes.

The bridge design will be similar to the Centennial bridge with a span of approximately 1118 meters, two inverted ‘Y’ shaped towers and cable-stayed, semi-harp configuration. The towers will be 70 meters above sea level. It will have three lanes of 3.65 meters in each direction (six lanes in total) for vehicles, and on the south side the tracks and facilities of the Metro Line 3 will cross for which a 16 meter-wide strip has been reserved.

The new infrastructure will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 million and will take approximately three years to build. This new bridge will alleviate traffic congestion and improve access to Panama Pacifico and the west side of the Canal.


  1. Sandra E Wallace says:

    Wow! Definitely will help with the traffic jams! Any proposed improvements on Garbage pick up, building new potable water & sewage treatment plants, electrical plants?
    All infra-structural support systems need updating!
    HALT new building of apartment/condos in the city & restrict to construction of internal & social welfare & safety… New hospitals and fully supported branch Clinics throughout the populated centers in the country!
    Panama necesita reflejar respeto al bien estar de su pueblo! Enfoque en apoyar las necesidades de salud, obros publicos y infraestructura!

    1. Yuri says:

      Bueno si estás interesada deberías ver el proyecto de saneamiento de la ciudad y bahía de Panamá y los proyectos de CONADES.

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