More cargo movement at the Cortes terminal

An average of between 110 and 120 ships per month are docking at the Central Operadora Portuaria (OPC) at the container terminal at Puerto Cortes, Honduras.

Comparing the second half of 2014 with the same period of 2015, general cargo handled increased by 15%, container throughput increased by 10% and currently the largest terminal has maximized its logistics of ships, said Mariano Turnes, CEO of the maritime complex.

The arrival of import and export containers has increased in the terminal.

The arrival of import and export containers has increased in the terminal.

“There are important historical developments in vessel productivity that from 2013 went from 19 to 38 movements until November 2015,” said Turnes.

He added that waiting time had been completely eliminated at the bay for container ships that previously had an average standby time of two days, and this represents a reduction of 200% compared with the results from August to December 2014.

The same applies to general cargo ships.

These improvements should be reflected in the ocean shipping costs.

“In Puerto Cortés there is a before and after, which is the result of a comprehensive process and visionary expansion covering large infrastructure investments, acquisition of new equipment and security systems, practicing a new form of work, and constant training of our employees,” concluded Turnes.

New equipment

Among the investment made by the OPC in the port is installation of 1,744 outlets for refrigerated containers, an increase of almost 900% compared to the connections that were available, which helps to handle more containers with perishable products such as okra and melons, among others.

Turnes said all plugs are covered by a backup system of generators to keep up the supply in case of failure of the power system.

This infrastructure has never existed and is new in Central America.

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