Technical Assistance awarded on fourth bridge over Canal

The best value tender for Technical Assistance for management of the fourth bridge over the Canal project was awarded to the company T.Y.LIN International Panama, SA, for $17,797,040.00.

This company obtained the highest score according to the analysis and relevant studies conducted by the evaluation commission.

T.Y. LIN International will be responsible for carrying out qualified and specialized technical assistance to ensure proper implementation of the objectives of this work in terms of design, construction and commissioning of the new infrastructure for optimal performance.

Fourth bridge over the Canal.

Fourth bridge over the Canal.

This includes connections with the rest of the public transport system of Panama, especially with the future Line 3 of the Panama Metro.

The pre-qualification phase for the design and construction of the bridge is available on the Web site PanamaCompra, for companies and consortia to download the document for participation in the tender of this mega project.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) will notify applicants the result of pre-qualification through the electronic portal “PanamaCompra” ( in the section “Latest Information”.

This project will benefit more than 500,000 residents of the province of West Panama.

The bridge will be built on the north side of the Bridge of the Americas and its design will be symmetrical bracing, with an approximate length between expansion joints of 1,118 meters, with two towers in the form of an inverted Y, and stiffened with two planes of cables with a configuration of a semi harp.

This bridge will have six lanes for vehicles, three in each direction, and two-lines for the Panama Metro Line 3.

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