Auxiliary industry will have a dock

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) fulfilling its role of promoting development of Auxiliary Maritime Industries, has announced on the web page – the electronic system of public procurement – the tender for design and construction of a pier for Auxiliary Maritime Industries, which will be located in the area of the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal in La Boca.

This publication provides the opportunity for all interested parties, local and foreign, to participate, complying with the provisions of the statement of requirements, ensuring the transparency and participation processes promoted by the gov ernment.

Auxiliary industry will have a dock

According to Jorge Barakat Pitty, Administrator of the AMP, the future Auxiliary Maritime Industries dock provides a modern infrastructure for ancillary services, ships transiting the coast and arriving in the ports. With this, the national maritime conglomerate should be strengthened.

Vikash Deepak, president of the Chamber of Shipping said that the auxiliary maritime industry is working very hard and is prepared for the challenges that will come from the new expanded Canal and the construction of a new pier with access to the sea is the most important part of this process.

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