CADE 2016 will analyze the expanded Canal potential

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) has performed annually its distinguished Annual Conference of Business Executives (CADE), since 1966, which will take place this year from April 20 to 22 at the Sheraton Panama, with the theme “And After the Canal Expansion… What? Opportunities and Barriers.”

The event deepens the primary aim of bringing together the elite of the private, business, intellectual and government sectors to discuss, analyze and seek solutions to the most pressing national problems.

The Canal offers business oportunities.

The Canal offers business oportunities.

With close proximity to commencement of operations of the expanded Panama Canal, scheduled for this year, and having as a reference this extraordinary event, APEDE agreed that its CADE 2016 event should be dedicated to deepen the opportunities within Panama and the great impact that will be generated in world trade.

The start of operations of the expanded canal will impact the logistics, tourism, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The event will also develop other important exchanges to exploit these advantages, such as the regulatory and institutional framework, public services, infrastructure, human resources and public-private partnerships.

APEDE invites everyone to participate in this great event and share the association’s 50 year history. For more information, call 204-1500/392-0292 or visit

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