Global Tagger adapting to customer needs

Global Tagger is an innovative company offering solutions for efficient supply chain operation.

The company specializes in the manufacture and fitting of adhesive and sewn labels for shipping to market with regard to labeling regulations. Unlike other companies of its kind, customer needs are adapted for satisfaction.

Global Tagger Inc.The company also offers temporary staff to cover extra work needs and services for the unloading of containers, consulting and inventory control as needed, and at a reasonable cost.
Global Tagger can also manage materials, handle assembly line operations, packing, shrink wrapping and blister packaging. Company staff is trained to assemble finished products from semi-finished goods, modules and components to help the client  implement a post component strategy.

Global Tagger offers contract with the packing (co-packing) service integrated into the distribution center or it can manufacture a series of packaging operations to increase flexibility and reduce costs. Clients can select the proper management of human resources for their particular needs.

We have offices in Panama City and Colon Free Zone, we also offer services in the Panama Pacific Special Area. For more information visit

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