UMIP cadets selected by German shipping group

The German and Dutch shipping company, Reederei Nord Group, selected 21 cadets from the Marine Sciences School of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) to carry out their sea time of 12 months aboard ships of the company.

In total, 18 cadets of the of the Engineering and Navigation Faculty and three other cadets with engineering degrees in Naval Machinery were in the group. It is the first time the company has selected such a large number of cadets from the UMIP for practice at sea. This demonstrates confidence in the management of this university.

Sea time is a key element in a student’s career training in the Navigation, Marine Engineering or Naval Machinery faculties of the UMIP to be certified by the Panama Maritime Authority Merchant Marine Department as an officer after satisfactory completion of this required period.

UMIP cadets selected by German shipping group

Created in 1964, Reederei Nord Group focuses on excellence and operation of management services offered, and is characterized by its administration, technical management, crew management, security and surveillance services, research services planning and constant supervision of their ship constructions.

The group manages more than 40 vessels, and hopes to build 20 more ships, consisting of two separate management companies: Reederei Nord GmbH located in Hamburg, Germany and Reederei Nord BV, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Cadets of the Navigation Faculty selected are: Calixo Hernández, Estefanni Villarreal, Carlos Cigarruista, Iaan-Kharl Davis Sosa, Christian Laurent Lostalo, Angie Arrieta Grajales, José Manuel Peralta, Pablo Gómez, Luis Lo Li, Abdiel Navarro, Marcos Del Rosario, Abidanack Herrera Duran, Héctor Arroyo, Nahomy González Pimentel, Jorge Salazar St. Rose, Jenira Justiniani López, Tomas Espinosa Barrelier and Soto Nelson. Those fro,m the Machineery Faculty are: Daniel Andrés Dutary, Carlos Castillo and Eduard Cordova.

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