Maritime cargo weighing enters into force in July

Weighing legislation on maritime container cargo adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enter into force on July 1 and most countries are already working to adapt to the new rules.

Recent studies conducted in the field on cargo shipping have shown that most accidents involving container ships are related to excess weight, so the IMO has decided to curb the problem by establishing tighter controls.

Maritime cargo weighing enters into force in JulyThe cargo shippers will be responsible for verifying that the weight of the container is correctly stated on the documentation that accompanies it.

Verification of the gross weight will be essential so that containers can be safely loaded on ships.

The IMO regulations do not stipulate how to weigh the containers, but there is a consensus to carry the weight with the filled and sealed container, but the shipper may also weigh the load separately and then add the tare weight of the container.

The ports are already working to adapt to the new rules and new technologies are being incorporated to verify the weight of containers or the goods with the least possible waste of time. In fact, some ports are ahead of the entry into force of the standard and already have everything ready to weigh containers.

Experts believe that the IMO has not given much time for ports and shippers to adapt to the new rules and that only 30% of shippers worldwide will be prepared to meet the new standard from July 1.

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