Panama regulates natural gas usage

Panama regulates natural gas usageThe government is working on a draft Bill to regulate the distribution of energy generated from natural gas in the country.

At a time when increase investments in power generation projects based on natural gas is taking place in Panama and in the region, the head of the Ministry of Energy confirmed that they are preparing the basis for a regulatory framework for the distribution of energy generated from gas.

The Panamanian authorities have opted for new forms of energy to strengthen the energy matrix. The situation has reached a critical level between supply and demand.

In April, the Panamanian energy market had a demand record of 1,618 MW and a firm capacity of 1,900 MW.

With the construction of new power generation projects, mainly those derived from natural gas contracts, it is expected that by the end of 2018 the firm capacity (total) will increase to 2,400 MW.

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