Panama Services Corp – together with the Canal

Panama, internationally recognized for its contributions to maritime trade is making history again.

Initially, in 1881, the construction of the Panama Canal was in the hands of Count Ferdinand de Lesseps and was finally completed in 1914, led by George Washington Goethals, a construction handmade by man, while we, as a nation, were still in our infancy. Now, 102 years later we have a modern and impressive infrastructure that we can still marvel at for its extraordinary performance.

Panama Canal expansion a great feat.

Panama Canal expansion a great feat.

We maintain our desire to stay ahead in terms of infrastructure and technology and to continue providing an excellent service connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, facilitating trade between countries.

After waiting for the arrival of this great day, again we go into the story, unforgettable for Panamanians, recognized this time as the guarantors of communications and maritime trade, this time allowing the transit of ships with new dimensions.

With this increase in transit capacity of our canal development opportunities for the maritime port sector are tripled.

For us, PANAMA PILOTS SERVICES CORP, we are a holding company composed of three companies: Quality Action Club, Pilsemar S. A. and Prácticos Unidos de Panamá, providing the service of Pilotage in Manzanillo Bay for 20 years; currently we have highly qualified pilots to perform docking, undocking, anchoring and change docks or port maneuvers, duly authorized by the Panama Maritime Authority.

We are proud and we can not overlook this peak moment in our history without congratulating the Panama Canal Authority for this great achievement and who have demonstrated their high level of commitment to our country managing this process of enlargement that will eventually conclude the job this June 26. Congratulations for the excellent work.

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