AMP supports IMO policies

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) Jorge Barakat Pitty, met with the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Ki-tak Lim, during the 116th Session of the Council of the IMO in London, in which Panama is a member of Class A.

Minister Barakat Pitty, highlighted the efforts of the AMP, not only to support the activities of the organization, but also to maintain a comprehensive and proper implementation of the instruments adopted by the Organization. In this regard, he informed Mr. Lim of the recent decision of the Government of Panama approving the ratification of the International Convention of Hong Kong for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling (HKC), with the ratification of the document to be deposited with the organization in the near future.

IMO assembly.

IMO assembly.

He also stressed the importance of establishing a process to provide the necessary certainty for the future entry into force of the Convention on Ballast Water Management, taking into account the current state of its entry into force. Barakat Pitty also informed the Secretary General that accession to the Convention is currently being evaluated by the National Assembly of Panama and a positive result is expected in the coming months. The AMP will continue to support the initiatives of the organization and the measure for the proper implementation of the Convention.

Decisions taken by Panama on these instruments demonstrate the commitment to further enhance the adoption of measures for the protection of the marine environment.

In connection with the implementation of the amendments to Rule VI / 2 of SOLAS regarding the requirements to verify the gross mass of containers, Barakat Pitty informed the Secretary General that the AMP has taken all necessary measures for the proper application of the rules modified from July 1, 2016, as required by the Convention. AMP Management also took into account the recently approved MSC.1 / Circ.1548 on practical aspects of implementation of the amendments to SOLAS.

The Panamanian Minister and the Secretary General of the IMO reaffirmed their commitment to continue cooperation on important aspects in the framework of the IMO for the benefit of the international shipping sector.

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