Forum to discuss youth employment

The 2nd Business Forum, COSPAE 2016, will take place on Wednesday, August 3 from 7:30 a.m., to 4:30 p.m., at the Sheraton Hotel. The event is seeking solutions to the problems of informal and non sustainable jobs, as well as assessing their impact on companies’ competitiveness.

COSPAEThe Forum will have four panels to discuss the following topics: barriers for a company’s productivity; investment in human capital training: an analysis of needs regarding training and relevant knowledge; dual training and its role in the professional and technical instruction of young people and how to insert them in the job market and sustainable employment: the new labor force.

The event will provide the ideal platform to learn about the positive impact that sustainable jobs have on company development. It is expected that many people will attend the forum.

There will be a discussion with one of the authors of a book produced by the Interamerican Development Bank called “Employment to grow”. The CAF will support this forum with the participation of an international expert.

International speakers will include: Dr. Eduardo Vélez Bustillo, CAF-Latin American Development Bank Senior Advisor; Mariano Bosch, Interamerican Development Bank Senior Specialist; Dr. Jorge Coloma, Dual Training Specialist and Dr. Álvaro Ramírez, Professional Formation and Corporate Development IWO specialist.

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