New lighthouses for Manzanillo and Las Minas

The lighthouses will protect ships.

The lighthouses will protect ships.

The administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Jorge Barakat Pitty, approved the order to proceed to the company Delta Técnicas Auxiliares de la Construcción, S. A., whose objective is the supply and installation of one lighthouse tower on land for the access channel to Manzanillo Bay and two lighthouse towers: (1) marine and (1) on land for the access channel to Bahia Las Minas in the province of Colon, including lighting, according to technical specifications and guidelines of the International Association of Lighthouses and Navigation Aids (IALA/IALA), for the total sum of $1,283,999.00.

According to the deadline set for this project, it must be delivered within a maximum of one hundred calendar days, starting from September, 2016.

These lighthouse towers in the Manzanillo Bay and Bahia Las Minas, are a requirement by the Department of Ports and Auxiliary Maritime Industries (DGIMA) from day one, answering the need for these navigation aids requested by pilots.

Barakat Pitty hopes that “the implementation of this project will be done as quickly as possible and meet the quality standards that the company Delta can provide at an national and international level. “They are lighthouse towers with modern technology and so, I ask for continued trust in Panama as a country that provides one of the highest standards of maritime navigation and safety,” he said.

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