Penta Shipping Services highly competitive group

Penta Shipping Services has more than 10 years of experience and background in the maritime business of ship chandlering in Panama, where a highly qualified and committed staff offers customers the highest expectations on the national and international maritime market. Formerly known as Transocean, following a strategic alliance with Penta Financial Group, the company Penta Shipping Services was born.

The company is located in Corozal, Panama Canal Railway, Galera 9 Panama. Telephones (507) -3076610 to 3176566. Ports served on the Pacific side: Balboa, Patsa, Rodman, Puerto Armuelles and Petroterminal, Charco Azul.

Ports served on the Atlantic side: Colon 2000, Colon Container Terminal, Cristobal, Manzanillo, Bahia las Minas, Petroterminal, Chiriqui Grande Almirante.

Penta Shipping offers fresh provisions.

Penta Shipping offers fresh provisions.

Products and services offered:

Fresh provisions: A wide variety of food and beverages, from local produce to specialties from around the world.

Cabin Products: Penta Shipping Services provides cutlery, plates, pots, disposable food containers in all sizes, cookware, kitchen equipment, personal hygiene products, detergents, bleaches and cleaning products.

Deck and engine: It provides all kinds of products, such as ropes, marine paint, tools, machinery and equipment, screws, nuts; machine and engine equipment, electrical and electronic parts, stationery, medical supplies and water equipment.

With dedication, Penta Shipping Services offers high quality products, strategically located, that allows it to efficiently and expeditiously serve all ports on the Pacific and Atlantic with staff that have over 10 years of experience committed to the operation. Prices and conditions of Penta Shipping Services are highly competitive.

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