More English teaching at the UMIP

The representative of the Diplomatic Mission for the teaching of English and Director of the Regional Office of English Language of the US Embassy in Panama, Rick Rosenberg, visited the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP).

Rosenberg’s objective was also to formally present himself to the UMIP authorities, to show his full availability to support the management carried out by this house of higher learning for the benefit of skills and development in the English language.

More English teaching at the UMIPRosenberg’s office establishes development programs and practical courses in English, for Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela and throughout the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

His visit to the UMIP was the first by Rosenberg since being assigned to the US Embassy in Panama, where his duties revolve around publicizing programs and projects for the development of skills in the English language.

Rosenberg met with the Chief of the UMIP Office of International Cooperation, Captain Julio Bonilla, to whom he made formal delivery of library materials for use by the Maritime Language Centre, the library, cadets and teachers.

Among the teaching materials delivered are included CDs with teaching materials on American English to be used by each of the classes, which may be reproduced for individual use. The gift material contains the following topics: American English Audio Books, American English Teaching Forum, Shaping The Way We Teach English, Beyond the “To Be” Syndrome, American Spaces, Smithsonian and Voice of America.

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