Tocumen meets security standards

The US agency, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), found that Tocumen International Airport and aircraft operators flying between that nation and Panama complied with all the safety standards.

Last September a TSA team visited the premises of Tocumen S.A., the company that has managed the terminal since 2003, to check the airport and confirm that the security controls put in place are appropriate.

According to the source, the technical visit is part of an ongoing security monitoring program, that the TSA demands from aircraft operators and airports that operate to and from the United States.

Tocumen International Airport lobby.

Tocumen International Airport lobby.

The inspection also verified compliance with safety standards in the identification and passenger inspection areas, people and vehicles entering restricted access areas, such as boarding gates and cargo and supply checkpoints.

The TSA also examined, safety procedures carried out by the airlines flying between the United States and Panama to ensure the inspection, conciliation, custody and protection of checked baggage and air cargo, among other aspects related to the prevention of unlawful acts .

Recently, Tocumen implemented safety management systems as an effective way to prevent and manage risks in the airport operations areas under its control.

The TSA is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security that manages security systems at airports, subways and railroads of the northern nation.

15 cargo carriers and 24 passenger airlines regularly flying to over 89 destinations in 34 countries operate In Tocumen International Airport.

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