AMP will implement international IGS security code

The implementation of the International Safety Management Code (ISMC) in Panama created the need for a Regional Course on the subject of legislation in which the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Central American Shipping Commission (COCATRAM) participated.

AMP administrator, Jorge Barakat Pitty, opened the event and highlighted the need for the right implementation of the ISMC Code, not only to guarantee safety and reduce environmental damage to marine ecosystems in a country which depends on the sea, but also, more specifically, to prevent accidents and loss of lives. “Regulations such as this instrument given by the IMO promotes our safety goals,” pointed out Barakat Pitty.

The code seeks to protect the marine ecosystem.

The code seeks to protect the marine ecosystem.

For a week representatives of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama were trained by the Chilean Navy Captain, Williams Miranda Leyton, in all aspects related to this code. Topics discussed were: the general content and the importance of the human factor in its implementation and the components associated with the safety management process, as well as the advantages of executing it properly, bearing in mind the Chilean experience.

“This event represents an exceptional opportunity to broadcast our contribution to the preservation of the marine environment and maritime safety, through mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences with countries such as Panama, which are involved in the conservation and compliance with regulations”, explained Miranda Leyton.

The ISMC was adopted by the IMO in 1993 to give those responsible for operating ships an adequate regulatory framework for the development, implementation and evaluation of safety management and good practices.

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