Panama opens consulate in Morocco

Panama has inaugurated a consulate in Morocco with the idea of boosting commercial relations between both countries, especially in areas related to industry, port, shipping and logistics.

Jorge Barakat Pitty, Panama Maritime Authority Administrator, said that the inauguration of the consulate is a historical event and he expects that it will be productive for both countries.

Panama is the gate of access to North and South American markets, while Morocco is the key point for the African and European continents. Both nations share similarities, both being strategic commercial locations, mainly with regards to shipping.

“Due to the maritime traffic in the north Africa region, it was necessary to reinforce the presence of the Panama International Ship Registry, so that we can expand our business and services for the benefit of our clients,” said Barakat Pitty.

Panama has the biggest ship registry in the world, with more than 8,000 craft sailing under the Panamanian flag. The legal soundness has helped the nation since 1917 and when Panama was the first country to implement a public international ship registry.

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