Panama and Argentina must strengthen their relationship

The governments of Panama and Argentina are aware that, although they have an old and solid bilateral relationship, many issues remain that need to be strengthened. That was the first conclusion of a three-day visit to Buenos Aires by Panamanian Vice President, Isabel de Saint Malo, who told reporters that “there is much to be done” between the two countries.

Saint Malo, who is also the Foreign Affairs Minister, arrived in Buenos Aires just a year after Mauricio Macri was elected president of Argentina and launched an ambitious plan to recover the economy of his country and open its doors to the world.

In an interview published by the Spanish news agency “Efe”, Saint de Malo said that among the objectives of the visit was for the two countries to strengthen investment and launch mutually beneficial partnerships in education, culture, transport, tourism , etc..

Indeed, in a meeting with the Argentine Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich, progress was made in proposals to increase air transport exchange and to learn about experiences with alternative transportation systems such as the use of bicycles. Buenos Aires has one of the best organized public bicycle systems, which helps to ease the heavy burden of traditional public transport and generates environmental benefits.

With the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Him, she signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the exchange in this sector, such as establishing a cruise route that does not exist today and could also make stopovers in ports located in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

The two countries will work on the design of policies for a greater exchange of tourism in the sports, gastronomy, eco-tourism and business tourism areas, among others.

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