Sale of bunker in Panama increased by 7.33%

The sale of bunker registered until October last year had an increase of 7.33% in comparison with the same period in 2015, reported the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP). However, in 2015 the growth was bigger until October, with 17.25% in comparison with 2014. With regards with the amount of vessels that bought fuel, the number has decreased by 6.08% in comparison with the previous period.

Rommel Troetsch, president of the Shipping Chamber, told the daily Panama America that this smaller growth that was registered for the 2014-2015 period, means that Panama is attracting or increasing its share in the market by selling more fuel to the ships that transit through the Canal and arrive at the ports. “It is important that Panama increasingly manage to serve or fuel more ships,”he said. He explained that the number of vessels served until October is 4,354, lower than the previous year, but more fuel has been sold.

The sale of fuel could be a great business for Panama.

The sale of fuel could be a great business for Panama.

Serving 30% of the ships

In Panama there are around 14,000 transits through the Canal and more than 7,000 ships arrive at its ports, in the container ships sector. This means that Panama serves about 30% of the ships that arrive at ports and transit through the Canal and the idea is to serve them more and more and sell more fuel.

The Shipping Chamber has had a meeting with the AMP to analyse the expansion of anchoring areas, where fuel is dispatched in the Atlantic and Pacific. Until October 2016, around 3,264,599 metric tons of bunker have been sold and in October 2015 that totaled sales of 3,041,734.

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