Logistic Cabinet will launch new platform

In a period of six months, some problems that affect the Panamanian logistics system should be resolved, with the implementation of a one-stop shop that will eliminate photocopies and implement online payment of Customs services, informed the president of the Panama Chamber of Shipping, warning that it is necessary for all government institutions to be aligned with the development plans presented by the Logistics Cabinet and the logistics industry to attract more transshipment cargo to the country.

one-stop shop of the Logistic Cabinet of Panama

The Logistics Cabinet will launch a logistics services platform that will consolidate the Country Offer which includes: the shipping sector, airport, infrastructure, free and special zones, with the intention to transform Panama into a world class hub, said the Minister of Commerce and Industries Augusto Arosemena.

The minister stressed that this offer is backed by trained human capital, a technology platform and a comprehensive regulatory framework. “This is a joint project between government institutions and the private enterprise,” he said.

In the case of the shipping sector, the idea is to integrate all direct and indirect parties to have a documentary traceability of the cargo, which includes the Shipping Single Window, eliminating the duplication of documents sent to the Panama Canal Authority and the Panama Maritime Authority, and at the same time will allow payment online.

For the first stage of this project, it was announced that this month the logistic control board will be launched and published by the Logistics Secretariat.

However, Troetsch stressed the importance of reviewing what Customs and Quarantine charge to the transshipment merchandise, since it provides the country with jobs and foreign exchange. “We must review costs the State imposes on the cargo that passes through Panama.”

He also said that it was agreed to review the role that Aupsa plays in the cargo transfer movement, since it should not be checking food that goes to other countries, but only to monitor food entering Panama from other nations.

“It does not have to interact with transshipment, and it has been doing it for a while thus creating problems,” Troetsch said.

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