Port of Cortes starts its expansion

The Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC), the company that won the concession to manage the container terminal at Port of Cortes in Honduras, announced that the construction of pier six of that terminal, a project that cost $148 million is in its first stage.

The construction of the wharf is the largest expansion carried out in the terminal since the OPC acquired the management of the port in December 2013. The agreement between the company and the Government of Honduras forces the first to invest $624 million over a period of 14 years .

Port of Cortes.

Port of Cortes.

The work consists of an additional 350 meters of dock, dredging the canal to take it to a depth of 14.5 meters and the purchase of two new super neo-panamax gantry cranes.

The project will allow Cortes to increase its operating capacity by 50% and receive larger vessels. “Only three years after the container terminal was concessioned, and with an investment made to date of more than $75 million, the port’s efficiency and productivity are evident,” said Mariano Turnes, general director of the OPC.

Port of Cortes currently mobilizes 650,000 teus, the standard industry measure equivalent to a 20-foot container.

The company reported that in 2023, at the end of the investment plan, the port will have 550 meters of new docks, a cargo terminal with a capacity of handling 1.8 million teus a year, a channel with a depth of 15.5 meters, nine super cranes Neo-panamax, auxiliary mobile cranes, and 4,000 connections for refrigerated containers.

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