UMIP gives IMO courses in El Salvador

The Maritime Technical Institute (ITEMAR) of the International Maritime University of Panama sent two of its professors to Central America to give International Maritime Organization (IMO) training courses to instructors of the Republic of Salvador Education and Naval Instruction Center(CEIN).

Five instructors benefited from the training. All of them are part of the CEIN Merchant Marine Training Program. The course took place at La Union naval base from January 30 to February 6 in two parts.

One of the classes of the course.

One of the classes of the course.

The first phase was lead by UMIP professor, Carlos Gallardo, who lectured about IMO 1.23 Model Course: “Competence in the handling of lifeboats and rescue boats.”

Captain Julio Bonilla, also of the UMIP, developed IMO Model Course 1.29: “Competence in crisis management and training in human behavior, including passenger safety, cargo and hull integrity”. He concluded with the IMO Course 3.26: “Awareness-raising training on protection for seafarers assigned to protection tasks.”

This is the second time ITEMAR have developed an IMO training course for CEIN instructors. This is a result of direct collaboration with El Salvador Maritime Port Authority with the support of the ambassador of that country in Panama, H.E. S.E. Francisco Salvador Fonseca Salgado.

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) of 1978, and its respective amendments, like the Manila, which establishes competency norms for seafarers worldwide. These are developed through training and updating modules that are known as IMO course. There are more than 70 IMO courses.

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