AMP has a meeting with recognized national organizations

“The Second Meeting with the Recognized Organizations (OR) for Panama, responds to the interest of the Panama Maritime Authority to maintain the direct channels of communication open, not only to tell them about the decisions we have made, but also feedback about their impressions, concerns and event proposals, all in a transparent manner to strengthen us, because after all we are a team,” said the Minister for Maritime Affair and Panama Maritime Authority Administrator (AMP), Jorge Barakat Pitty.

AMP administrator, Jorge Barakat Pitty at the RO meeting.

AMP administrator, Jorge Barakat Pitty at the RO meeting.

Panama has 18% of the world’s merchant navy and is the country leader with regards to vessels registration, with more than 8,000 ships sailing under the Panamanian flag, and the AMP wants ORs, who are the private auxiliary entities, properly authorized the Flag Registries, to guarantee the compliance of the navigation norms and merchant navy safety in the name of the Republic of Panama, according to national and international rules.

Taking into account the aforementioned, Panama implemented the Resolution of the Safety Commission of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MSC.349 (92) that adopts the Recognized Organization Code. Since 2015 the AMP established the Recognized Organization Audit program, that finished successfully when managed to audit all the ORs that maintain a delegation of functions agreement with the AMP International Ship Registration Office.

“We need that you evaluate yourselves, taking into consideration that excellence is not the objective, but a path. I encourage you to have clear goals, follow up the indicators like the performance indexes produced by the Port Governing States through the Memorandum of Understanding. The performance of many of you is admirable and I encourage you to continue that way,” said agregó Barakat Pitty.

For his part, the Merchant Navy General Director, Fernando Solorzano, said in his dissertation about the ORs and their role in the Panamanian merchant navy fleet performance, pointed out that the Panamanian ORs are very important, because in that way the nationals also have the opportunity to give quality service to the fleet.

The present administration in the last two years has made an approach to work jointly in the service of the International Ship Registry of Panama, in that regard the audits has served to raise the level of quality they provide.

ROs representatives.

ROs representatives.

“This year we have challenges,” said Solórzano, “among which we highlight: the implementation of the Ballast Water Convention, the implementation of the global inspection platform project, the complete issuance of electronic certificates by AMP, start a platform to control the issuance of statutory Certificates by the ROs.”

“In addition, we maintain the goal of improving the performance of the flag within the Quality 21 Program, as well as upgrading to member level of Tokyo MOU, of which we have been cooperating members since November 2015,” said Solorzano.

The occasion was ideal to present the new Monitoring and Control of Recognized Organizations (RO) and Recognized Protection Organizations (PRO) sections which among its many functions has to draft or modify new circulars and guidelines with regards to new policies adopted by AMP or clarification with regards to the ROs Code.

Another item on the agenda was the participation of the United States Coast Guard, through its Liaison Officer, Kevin Hill, who gave a presentation on the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ballast Water and Sediment from Ships, adopted in 2004.

Hill also introduced the Port State Control Program of the U.S. called Qualship 21, and reviewed the statistics, regulatory measures, and actions taken by the U.S. Government for the inspection of foreign-flagged ships arriving at their ports.

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