Efficiency, flexibility COASSA’s successes

“Kandilosa” is the name of the first tanker that docked on January 6, 2012, at the terminal of Colon Oil and Services S.A., in Colón, known as COASSA. It is a subsidiary of Oiltanking (www.oiltanking.com) a leading global group present in 23 countries worldwide with 81 terminals.

Since then, 300 Panamax tankers have been unloaded, more than 1,500 barges handled and more than 6,000 road tanker trucks have been loaded, with an impeccable record of zero accidents and zero delays.

Efficiency, flexibility COASSA’s successesIn November, 2013, the terminal added new tanks, increasing 450,000 barrels of capacity, reaching a total of 750,000 barrels in eight tanks, making COASSA one of Panama’s most important logistics service providers for marine fuel supply.

Efficiency combined with flexibility is COASSA’s formula to offer new possibilities to fuel suppliers to overcome the current complicated market situation. In addition, COASSA processes ISO 9001 certification, which ensures the quality and safety of its services.

It can be said that the key to COASSA’s success is the combination of an experienced, interdisciplinary team with a global vision and with the backing of Oiltanking, which is also a member of the Marquard & Bahls group (www.marquard-Bahls.com). This is an economic group of German capital, which in recent decades has become an independent leader in energy supply, petroleum product marketing and logistics, whose main lines of business include: marketing, liquid terminals, fuel supply in airports, as well as dry cargo handling services, oil drilling services, coal marketing, renewable energy and gas supply.

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