IATA moves to Panama its Central American headquarters

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) vice-president for the Americas, Peter Cerdá, explained that the decision to move the association Central American headquarters from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Panama was due to the strategic importance of the Panamanian airport.

The IATA executive, an association that brings together more than 260 airlines worldwide, said the development of the “Hub of the Americas”, the Panamanian airline Copa Airlines connection center, that operates at the Tocumen International Airport, was one of the reasons that favored the decision.

COPA Hub of the Americas.

COPA Hub of the Americas.

Another factor mentioned is Panama’s presence in other organization related to civil aviation, such as the Airports International Organization.

Cerdá made these statements during the formal inauguration of the IATA regional offices, which are located in a hotel which is right in the middle of the international banking center, in the Panamanian capital.

The Panama Civil Aviation Authority director, Alfredo Fonseca Mora, pointed out during the inauguration celebrations that Panama will be responsible as part of the IATA structure of the standards and global promotion systems in the region.

For his part, the Panama City Mayor, José Blandon, pointed out the importance of moving the IATA regional headquarters to Panama.

“From the start of its almost 500 years of history, the city has been linked to the international trade and has played an important role as point of encounter, and in that respect has followed its vocation to be the platform that unites Latin America,” said Blandón.

Copa Airlines executive president, Pedro Heilbron, emphasized the importance of having the IATA headquarters here and talked about the airline industry in Panama, which was an important factor taken into account by the airline association into moving its headquarters here.

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