AMP repatriates seamen abandoned in Venezuela

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) repatriated the crew of the Panamanian flagged vessel “Pan Prosperity” with IMO No. 9125152, which was abandoned near the Port of Guanta, in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The labor complaint by the crew of the “Pan Prosperity” was received by the Department of Maritime Labor Affairs of the Department of Seafarers on March 1, 2017. On initiation of the investigation, it was confirmed that on board the vessel were 14 Crew of Ukrainian nationality.

The Panama Maritime Authority immediately made the necessary contacts with the diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Panama in Greece, where the offices of the ship’s operators are located. Since there was no response from the operators or owners, the Seafarers’ Department initiated the process of repatriation of the entire crew in compliance with Rule 2.5 of the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 of the International Labor Organization.

The ship was abandoned near the Port of Guanta, Venezuela.

The ship was abandoned near the Port of Guanta, Venezuela.

The repatriation process was carried out jointly with the authorities of the ports of Venezuela, specifically with the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces, that supported and collaborated with the Panama Maritime Authority, facilitating the disembarkation of the crew in their territory and then transferring them to the Maiquetía Simón Bolivar International Airport in Caracas, Venezuela. Also participating in this process were the Ambassador of Panama in Venezuela, Miguel Mejia and the Honorary Consul of the Ukraine in Venezuela, who rendered them assistance in such a delicate process.

The crew departed on Sunday 26 March 26, 2017 for Odessa in the Ukraine, which is the home of the fourteen sailors. The Panama Maritime Authority, through its diplomatic representative in Venezuela, delivered a per diem amount for each of the sailors, thereby ensuring them food until their arrival in Odessa, Ukraine.

With this, the Republic of Panama, once again fulfills its duties as a flag State, attesting to the commitment made to seafarers and the international maritime community by ratifying the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006, which covers all Panamanian ships in international navigation, since August 20, 2013.

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