APL extends risk insurance against cargo in transit

American President Line (APL) has extended its cargo insurance to shippers who require protection against the risk of loss or damage to their cargo in transit.

This comes from APL’s partnership with one of the largest marine insurance companies in the world, which will allow it to offer options of guarantees such as “Total Cover” for maximum protection; “Main Cover” that protects against important events and “Customized Cover” with “tailor-made” solutions for cargo securing.

SMARTcool AssuredAPL commercial director, Thomas Cassuto, pointed out: “APL Cargo Assurance extends its range of value-added services through a one-stop shop. “As it develops a precise cargo movement, APL Cargo Assurance helps suppliers by offering APL Cargo Assurance, allowing shippers to enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that they are well covered by the most appropriate protection plan for their shipments with APL”.

According to APL – unlike other protection plans that take into account the history of customer claims, which can translate into higher insurance costs – APL Cargo Assurance offers competitive rates through its associated insurance company. In addition, the company informs that it has an efficient and simple process in order to facilitate claims and settlements within 30 days of the direct demands.

Also exclusive to APL Cargo Assurance is its “SMARTcool Assured” product – an improved protection alternative that shippers can purchase and that is applied to the cargoes that are received by the SMARTcool treatment.

With SMARTcool Assured, expenses for a second reefer transfer process and/or costs involved in the redirection of a SMARTcool shipment to its import market are covered, in case it does not pass the phytosanitary inspection of the importing country.

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