Drewry Index registers value of $1,365/TEU as of March 30

Drewry’s World Container Index, which is based on container freight rates on the eight main routes to and from the United States, Europe and Asia, declined by 1.1% to $1,365.92 per the freight rate of a 40-foot container (FEU) as of March 30.

The composite index, despite losing 1%, is still 60% higher than the same period in 2016.

The price of shipping containers has gone down.

The price of shipping containers has gone down.

The annual average for the World Container Index during 2017 is $1,631/FEU, ie $100 less than the average in five years of a container that indicates $1,730/FEU.

Prices for Asia-Europe and Transpacific routes have dropped again with significant falls on the Shanghai-Los Angeles route ahead of the GRI since April 1.

Meanwhile, the lack of space available in services from northern Europe to North Asia continues to strengthen tariffs. In that sense, the Rotterdam-Shanghai index increased by $61, compared to the week prior to the analysis date, reaching $959/FEU.

Indicators of the main East-West operations:

Composite index: recorded $1,366/FEU, with an annual growth of 60%; Shanghai-Rotterdam: $1,516/FEU (+ 148% per annum); Rotterdam-Shanghai: $959/FEU (+ 54% per annum); Shanghai-Genoa: $1,464/FEU (+ 53% per annum); Shanghai-Los Angeles: $1,286/FEU (+ 42%); Los Angeles-Shanghai: $566/FEU (+ 19% per annum); Shanghai-New York: $2,699/FEU (-9%); New York-Rotterdam: $468/FEU (0%); Rotterdam-New York/FEU $1,777 (0%).

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