Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the world

The best companies have understood this revolution and have already begun the process of adaptation. The change is obvious and inevitable and has become more noticeable in the last decade, noting that everything has been digitized or is in that process.

The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) within its organizational scheme, that the brand event, which is the annual Conference of Executives (CADE) begun in 1966 and only interrupted in 1988, due to the political and economic crisis that the country was experiencing. This conclave has become a center of thought, in which year after year ideas, novelties and problems are debated and ideas, solutions, contributions and even public policies are generated, many of which have been accepted by government administrations.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the worldThe annual Executive Conference will be held on April 26, 27 and 28, 2017, and achieve considerable assistance, since the event has positioned itself in the Panamanian environment as one of the best and most interesting, because each year famous speakers of excellent backgrounds take the podium.

There will be more than a dozen international speakers this year, among who, at the inaugural dinner, will be Mr. Jared Weiner, a futurist from the United States, who will introduce the theme of the two days of lectures.

The general objectives of CADE are to insert the country in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as one of the mechanisms of today’s world that leads to the achievement of education according to the new times, a modern legal framework and transparency, impenetrable to corruption; for the reinvention of the national economy; the improvement of competitiveness, and the positioning of Panama as a true logistics hub, taking into account that it has the right platform.

The public that has convened for this CADE 2017 is very unique. The event will have the assistance of students, young millennia, already in the labor market, members of the APEDE, investors, businessmen, professionals working in the public and private sectors, in the municipalities, representatives of accredited embassies in Panama, as well as those who work in international organizations, as well as personalities that are part of the political and government circles, who are interested in these topics of innovation, science, technology, justice, competitiveness, and logistics, among others.

In this activity, also involved are the Chapters that are part of the APEDE and that work in the provinces.

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