UMIP forming future seamen

The Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) emerges because of the need of the country to have a catalyst that, in addition to providing training and development of skills, enhances the human element, promote research and the presentation of initiatives to strengthen Panama’s pre-eminence in all segments of the maritime industry.

It is a specialized university, created on December 1, 2005 under Law No 40, which was amended in 2012, by Law 81, which governs its procedures. As an accredited university, the UMIP governs the maritime issue in Panamanian higher education.

UMIP forming future seamenAlthough the roots of the UMIP date back to 1925, it was in 1958 that the Panama Nautical School was born that, until 1971, was dedicated to the exclusive formation of seafarers. However, the following year it expanded the academic offer at university level for merchant marine officers due to international demand and employment opportunities in the Panama Canal.

Today the UMIP, as an exclusive instance of maritime superior training in Panama and throughout the region, provides the maritime industry with highly qualified professionals through innovation and research and promotes competitiveness and development of the sector, within the framework of values of human, social responsibility, knowledge management, and the emphasis on leadership and discipline.

As an instance of maritime higher education, the UMIP recognizes that the new adaptations of the industry come hand in hand with important challenges linked to the generation and promotion of sustainability, the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the protection and assurance of the marine environment.

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