Panama Pacific Cruise Terminal awarded

The consortium Cruceros del Pacifico, consisting of the Belgian company Jan De Nul and China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, will build the cruise ship terminal on Perico Island, on the Amador causeway.

The consortium committed to reducing its economic offer to meet the reference price set by the Panama Maritime Authority.

The companies had offered $197 million, exceeding by $31 million the amount set by the entity. Article 23, point 23, of Law 22, which regulates public procurement, establishes that in case of a single bidder in a best value tender with a separate evaluation, the bidding institution and the company must agree on a price, which will not exceed the amount set as the reference cost.

The Costa Rican company Meco had shown interest in the project and its representatives attended the act of presenting proposals, but before the time expired to deliver their documentation, they left the room leaving the consortium Cruceros del Pacífico as sole participant.

A cruise ship terminal will be built in the Amador Causeway.

A cruise ship terminal will be built in the Amador Causeway.

Hugo García, coordinator of the Special Projects Unit of the AMP, commented that the consortium will make adjustments to the design presented, but respecting the guidelines of the specifications. The company said that the changes it will make to its proposal are related to the size of the landfill, the optimization of the breakwater and dredging levels.

It will also make modifications to the design framed in its proposal, but maintaining the requirements of the AMP that the terminal must have the capacity to receive two ships simultaneously. García indicated that they are in the process of fine-tuning the details of the contract to proceed with the signing of the document, which must then be sent to the Comptroller for approval.

In its proposal, the company had contemplated making cuts in the rock hill of Perico Island as part of the land access from the road to the cruise terminal, but now the company will make adjustments at the entrance to reduce project costs.

Following the negotiations, the AMP demanded from the contractor that the adjustments made by Cruceros del Pacífico should guarantee that the terminal will have a 99% operation regardless of the conditions of waves, winds, tides and currents in the area.

“A month ago we met with the guild of cruise lines and now that the project is progressing, the interest is greater,” said Gustavo Him, administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority.

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