AMP participates in SAPU Roadshow 2017

The Panama Maritime Administration, with a view to reaffirming its commitment to good maritime security practices on board vessels flying its national flag, while ensuring the safeguarding of crew, ship, goods transported and the marine environment, participated in the SAPU Roadshow 2017 International Conference, held in Athens, Greece.

Leonel Medina represented the AMP.

Leonel Medina represented the AMP.

The main theme of the conference was “Accreditation of Private Maritime Security Companies – Control and Standards of Weapons” that was analyzed by a panel of experts from various fields of navigation, such as representatives of the Flag Records, the Directors of the International Maritime Council and Baltic companies (BIMCO), insurers, P & I representatives, CSOs, managing directors of large oil companies, international shipping groups and management companies from around the world.

The Panama International Registry was represented by Engineer Leonel Medina.

The event dealt with issues related to the control and monitoring of armaments used by private companies of armed personnel that provide protection services to merchant ships in the most prone areas to pirate thefts or attacks; Also presented were solutions and technological developments that can be used by both administrations and shipping companies in order to have a more optimal control on this matter.

The technical staff of the Segumar Greece Office was also present, as well as other stakeholders on this issue: BIMCO’s head of maritime security, Philip Tinsley; the Chief Operating Officer of LSS-SAPU, Alexandros Kontos; the nautical inspector of the Merchant Marine of Cyprus, Aris Constantinou; the Director of CSO Alliance Maritime, Mark Sutcliffe; Gordon Robertson, Deputy Claims Director of the North of England P & I Association. In addition there was the representative of the shipping company Anangel Maritime, Panagiotis Nikiteas.

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