Panama Canal signs agreements to boost sustainability in its basin

The Panama Canal signed four cooperation agreements with the Banesco and Banistmo banks, Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) and the car sales company Ricardo Pérez S.A., to collaborate in projects of social responsibility.

In this way, the parties will work together with contributions to promote the sustainable development of the Panama Canal basin and its residents. In addition, they will coordinate specific projects for environmental protection, the integral well-being of the people, the culture, the community development and education, with emphasis on the Canal watershed that includes the areas in the provinces of Colon, Panama and West Panama.

These agreements were signed by the canal administrator, Jorge Luis Quijano; the president of Banesco, Juan Carlos Escotet; the president of Banistmo, Aimee Sentmat; the Executive Vice President of MIT, Carlos Urriola; and the Vice President of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility of Ricardo Pérez S.A., Adriana Paredes.

“The agreements signed reaffirm the commitment of the Panama Canal Authority to the country, especially to the communities that inhabit the basin and whose contribution is vital for its protection and future sustainability,” said Jorge Luis Quijano.

The Panama Canal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is aligned with the United Nations Global Compact. That is, it integrates its management, respect for ethical values and principles and respect for human rights and the environment in its business model.

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