Panama holds seminar in the port of Kobe

Panama’s ambassador to Kobe, Japan, Ritter N. Díaz, began a celebration in Kobe with a presentation on historical, economic and cultural aspects of Panama and then introduced the Consul, Rafael Aparicio, who highlighted the most important aspects of the 100 years of the Panama Ship Registry and the history of the consulate In Kobe, that had its first Panamanian consul in 1936.

Kobe is one of the most important ports of Japan and is the headquarters of the industrial giant Kawasaki Heavy Industries, among other shipping companies.

Port Kobe.

Port Kobe.

During the earthquake that triggered a tsunami and a nuclear accident in East Japan in 2011, the Panamanian Embassy temporarily moved its operations to Kobe to evacuate nationals residing in the affected areas. The same thing happened during the great earthquake of Kanto in 1923, when the Panamanian delegation, located at that time in Yokohama, also transferred its operation to Kobe due to the extensive damage in Tokyo and Yokohama. On both occasions Kobe supported the missions.

The seminar held at the Sorakuen Cultural Center was supported by the Panama Embassy, the Kobe City Hall, and the General Consulates of Panama in Tokyo and Kobe. Among the participants were Koji Yamakawa, Director of Port Vitalization, Kobe City Port and Urban Projects Office, Hansao County Committee Chairman of the Japan Shipowners’ Association, Takao Ito, and the Mayor of the City of Kobe, Kizo Hisamoto.

The mayor of Kobe, Kizo Hisamoto, thanked the Panamanian embassy and consulates for joining the celebration of 150 years of the Port of Kobe and congratulated Panama for the 100 years of its Shipping Registry, while the Ambassador of Panama gave him a bond commemorating the construction of the French Canal.

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