IMO Secretary General to inaugurate maritime technology center at UMIP

The Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Kitack Lim, will inaugurate the new Regional Maritime Technology Cooperation Center (MTCC) of the Panama International Maritime University (UMIP) on October 4.

Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization.

Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization.

Lim, in the company of IMO staff and key figures from the European Union (EU) and the maritime industry, will formally initiate the ambitious IMO project, funded by the European Union (EU) and with operational headquarters in the UMIP, whose main objective is the mitigation of climate change in the maritime transport sector, through the creation of a worldwide network of centers for cooperation in maritime technology.

The UMIP (MTCC-Latinamerica) joins the select group that includes the University of Trinidad and Tobago, (MTCC-Caribe); the University of Arquitecture and Technology, Jomo Kenyatta of Mombasa, Kenya (MTCC-Africa); the Maritime University of Shanghai, China (MTCC-Asia) and the Pacific Community in Suva, Republic of Fiji (MTCC-Pacific).

The five MTCCs are part of the global network that will work to promote the technologies and operations of energy efficiency of ships and to reduce harmful emissions.

Once in operation, MTTCs will act as focal points to enhance the capacity of the regions through collaboration with maritime administrations, relevant government departments and stakeholders in maritime transport to facilitate compliance with international energy efficiency standards for ships and promote the adoption of low carbon technologies and operations in the maritime sector through the implementation of pilot projects.

Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization.

Headquarters of the International Maritime Organization.

The IMO gave the UMIP the responsibility of the regional center following an open selection process, based on its credible reputation in the region; manifest commitment to the maritime industry; a track record of regional scope and the ability to provide all necessary logistical support.

The recommendations, studies and evaluations of the MTCC, which will be directed at the UMIP by engineer Rodolfo Sabonge, will seek ways to implement energy efficiency measures through technical assistance, capacity building and the promotion of technical cooperation in an effective manner.

Each MTCC will fulfill the key objectives of the project established by mutual agreement with the IMO over a three-year period and will support IMO’s ongoing and extensive efforts to ensure the effective implementation and enforcement of global energy efficiency for international shipping.

Within his agenda, IMO Secretary-General Lim plans to attend the so-called parallel event of the IMO World Maritime Day, which will be held from October 1 to 3, with participation of the most important representatives of the maritime sector of Asia, Europe and America, under the title: “Connecting ships, ports and people”.

The activities coincide with the celebration of the Centennial of the Panama International Ship Registry and the Meeting of the Latin American Vessel Agreement (Viña del Mar Agreement) which brings together the authorities of the Latin American countries involved in the foreign inspection of ships.

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