IMO Secretary to participate in maritime event in Panama

The Parallel World Maritime Day Event of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will be held from October 1 to 3 with participants from Asia, Europe and the Americas

The Secretary General of the IMO, Korea’s Kitack Lim, will visit Panama in October to participate in a maritime activity in the framework of World Maritime Day, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) announced.

Lim will attend the so-called “Parallel Event of the IMO World Maritime Day”, which will be held from October 1 to 3, which is expected to involve the most important representatives of the maritime sector of Asia, Europe and America.

The AMP said that the event will have the motto “Connecting Ships, Ports and People”. Lim will be accompanied by delegates from the 140 Member States of this important organization.

The entity explained that this is an academic and training day in which IMO, through prominent international exhibitors, will address important issues on world trade, international standards related to security, maritime and marine protection, navigation and certification of seafarers.

“It will display the full potential of the national maritime industry, supported by its entire logistics platform and demonstrate the strength it has as the country with 18% of the world’s maritime fleet,” the AMP added.

The activity coincides with the celebration of the Centennial of the Panama International Ship Registry and the Meeting of the Latin American Vessel Agreement (Viña del Mar Agreement) which brings together the authorities of Latin American countries involved in the foreign inspection of ships.

“Without maritime transport, it would be impossible to import and export goods to supply demand on a scale necessary to maintain the current world, where 90% of world trade is done by sea,” said the AMP.

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