AMP personnel train on piracy

Intelligence services, vessel monitoring and regulations were subjects in the training of technical personnel of the Panama Maritime Authority on piracy Issues on October 23 in order to strengthen the knowledge and to comply with international conventions on safe navigation, protection of seafarers’ lives and avoid pollution of the seas. The course was held on “The Impact of Piracy Worldwide and Mitigation Measures.”

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), is concerned about acts of piracy of vessels sailing in danger areas and has invited the various administrations to conduct investigations into these acts in order to draw lessons learned and minimize such acts.

The course lasted two days, in which topics related to the historical context of piracy, international actors and Flag States, roles and regulation, maritime communication in cases of piracy, intelligence services in areas of international risk, monitoring and digital tracking system of vessels were explained, in addition to important guidelines regarding terrorism.

The training was provided by instructors from the companies Pole Star Space Applications Limited, ISM Shipping and Britannia Martime Security Ltd.

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