Panama and Vietnam sign agreement on seafarers

For the benefit of seafarers of the maritime administrations of Panama and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, as well as to reinforce cooperation ties between both nations, an agreement was signed within the framework of the 30 Session of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Assembly.

The cooperation agreement for the recognition of the training and certification of seafarers, based on Rule I /10 of the International STCW’78 Amendment, as amended, was achieved after one year of having initiated negotiations with the thriving nation, second in importance in the ASEAN Region.

For the Republic of Panama, the agreement was signed by the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Jorge Barakat Pitty and for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, by the Director of the Maritime Administration, Nguyen Xuan Sang.

With the signing of this agreement, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) reiterates its commitment to continue working so that the training and qualifications of Panamanian seafarers is recognized by other maritime administrations, which has an economic benefit for the country.

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