First bridge over the Chucunaque River in Darién to be built

A public consultation was held by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) in the community of Lajas Blancas, district of Cémaco, in the Emberá Wounaan Comarca, province of Darién, with the purpose of hearing the needs and positions of the community regarding the construction of a bridge on the Chucunaque river.

First bridge over the Chucunaque River in Darién to be builtDuring this meeting with community leaders, indigenous leaders and local people, the MOP delegation explained that this project will be carried out in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) so that the consultation was part of the process to initiate the tender and subsequent construction of the bridge.

The purpose of the MOP is to tender this project under the modality of design and construction of a modular metal bridge, Bailey type, Acrow Panel, Mabey or similar, with a total length of approximately 122 meters, supplemented by a battery of simple reinforced concrete piles, placed on the northern embankment of the bridge and that will have pedestrian sidewalks on both sides of 1.0 meter wide.

This work also includes the construction of the access road to the school with a length of 1.5 kilometers and a shed to be used by units of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT).

It is important to note that this bridge will become the first one to be built on the Chucunaque River located at the eastern end of Panama, specifically in the province of Darién, in the Comarca of Wargandí and the Emberá-Wounaan Comarca. It is the largest river in the country (231 km) and is the main tributary of the Tuira River, the second largest in the country.

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